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Why Fanchimp is Not just another Social Media Tool. Our Vision

I am an internet citizen and I am making internet my job. While doing so I cannot stop thinking about the things that I use and that don’t…
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I am an internet citizen and I am making internet my job. While doing so I cannot stop thinking about the things that I use and that don’t work.
Like all the times I tried to promote something online. I think that promoting something online today is a really unpleasant experience. That’s why I have created Fanchimp.

But let’s roll back. Let’s start from what is the problem.

Doing social media marketing today means knowing marketing and knowing how to use complex tools. You have to carry out your own process and pick the right tools for the job.

Instead, Fanchimp controls the entire process of doing social media marketing. Doing so it can guide the user by the hand, automate different steps and get rid of some others.

Controlling the entire process allow us to make it simpler and quicker. This means we can design a product for people, not for marketers only.

What make us different from our competitors? Our competitors products have all a problem. Their users need to use different tools to be able to handle the entire social media marketing campaign. Their users also need to have marketing experience to be able to use these tools and to generate any returns.

Instead, we’ve opted to do what was hard to do: we decided to make social media marketing simple. We’ve designed Fanchimp for people, not for marketers only. Our users don’t need to use any other tool: Fanchimp is the only tool they need.

By analogy, our competitors are producing high performance computers components. They leave the consumer with the responsibility of assembling their own computer. Instead we provide them a computer already assembled and configured.

What keep us up at night? In the history, there have been different moments when a technology had been widely adopted by the experts in a certain field. Only it was not able to spread to the masses.
Usually because that execution was too complex. Or because it was not tuned for the demands of the masses.
It happened with computers, smartphones, internet, and so on.

Then someone recognised that there was an opportunity in simplifying that technology. He had the technical ability of doing it, and then he did. That version of that technology now spread to the masses and it changed the world.
It happened with Microsoft for computers, Apple for smartphones and Google for internet.

I believe we are in a similar moment with marketing and we want to be the one simplifying it. We want to bring an easy and affordable way of doing marketing to the world.

This is the vision behind Fanchimp. This is why we invest all ourselves into it.

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