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Social Media Marketing for Hackers SXSW Talk

I want to bring some rationale into the Social Media world and I want to bring a scientific approach to a marketing topic. That’s why I…
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I want to bring some rationale into the Social Media world and I want to bring a scientific approach to a marketing topic. That’s why I proposed a talk for the next SXSW. Social Media Marketing for Hackers SXSW Talk.

Developers are going to conquer the world

Developers are going to conquer the world. The development tools are becoming easier to use and more and more powerful. This is creating a new generation of entrepreneurs: the hacker-CEOs. But to allow them to make more than a dent in the universe, we have to provide them powerful tools to bring their products in front of the masses. That’s why I created the talk “Social media marketing for Hackers”.

I will explain what are the most practical strategies to leverage social media to bring your product in front of your target users. There will be no marketer’s buzzwords or bullshits.

This will be a hands-on intensive talk, made by a developer for developers.

What questions I will answer?

What is the potential of a social media marketing?

There are some products where social media can be the only growth strategy. Instead, for others it can be a way to kickstart the growth. Usually it is a great way to create returning customers. Let’s see what potential your product has.

What should I share to get a lot of fans and customers?

I’ll make you understand what kind of content you have to share to get always more fans and followers. Then, I’ll show you how and how often you have to talk about your product to get new customers, without spamming them.

How should I share these messages?

I will explain you what are the best practices to share the content in the best moment, in the right format and with the right consistency. No high level concepts here: just what works in the real world.

How could I find great content quickly?

We’ll see how to define keywords to find directories of high quality content made for your audience. Then, I’ll show how make this discovery job faster, with the use of different tools.

What are the right tools to use?

Luckily, there’s no right tool. There are different tools solving different problems. I’ll show you which are the best ones and how to leverage them to save precious hours of work (and get back to coding).

Vote and share

If you like what I have presented you, please go to this page and vote for the talk. If you loved it please share into your circles and make the love spread.

If you’re not convinced yet, check out my Social media marketing for Startup talk at the London’s Google Campus.

Thanks for the help as always.

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