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Today I learned…

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Few years ago, it was probably the last year of high school, I went to “La Fiera del Libro”, one of the most important book fairs worldwide. I was with my school mates (actually I remember just my friends there). In one of the booth we found a 60-years old very charming man.

I don’t remember how we got to the point, but at a certain point he told us “My dad used to say me that if you don’t learn at least one thing new every day, you have wasted that day”.

I got impressed by that sentence and it got stuck in my head. It became my inner motto. I have hunger of knowledge from always and this is a rational way of expressing why.

So from today (from this beautiful last day of my Cretan holiday) I decided that I will start to share “Today I learned…”.

PS: the goal for tomorrow (when I will have again my holy-good-and-fast internet connection in London) is learning if it’s correct to say “what I’ve learned today” or “what I learned today”…

PSS: it appears that are both correct. It mostly depends on the context.