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Phablets, pain and iPhone 6 Plus

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Today I learned that I was probably wrong about phablets (oh… I hate that word). I always thought that such big smartphones where just a stupid idea. But now that also Apple made the iPhone 6 plus I had to reconsider my mind.

I always thought that such a big devices were uncomfortable to carry around, would have made developers, designers job much harder and the app quality would have decreased…
This year I joked with Android dev friends (I am an iOS dev) that if Apple would have made a big iPhone the name would have been “iPhone 6 M” as “the iPhone for morons”.

Then Apple made them for real.

The surprise was that the iPhone 6 plus has got a lot of attention. I had to change my mind when I saw from whom this attention came from.
A lot of people who I respect and who knows a lot about products wanted the 6 Plus. People like Kevin Rose, Sam Altman and Mike Suster. I mean, they are heavy league of product minds.

Probably it’s the fact that people don’t necessary wants to have a smartphone and a tablet to carry around. Or maybe is that they think that Apple will delivery higher quality than a Samsung device. Or maybe it’s just like cars. People like to have it big, because it’s more manly.

Anyway, I have ordered my iPhone 6 NOT plus, suckers.