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Relationships in the age of startups

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Today I learned how much are important relationships. I say that because I am inequivocably bad at them.

I was talking with an entrepreneur that I respect earlier today. I know him just a little, but I can breathe the difference with a lot of other wannabes. You know why? He cares about talking with you. He is able about to create relationships without trying to sell.

Is renown that what you should do when you try to enter in a new startup scene is to help people. You shouldn’t ask, you should give. But is so rare to find someone that is able to do it.

It’s very common that you talk to people that try to help you, while trying to sell you something. That is not real help. That is selling stuff, wrapped with bacon. You recognise the taste immediately.

Create relationships is something that I have to become better at. It’s something that I have to embrace as person, not just as entrepreneur. I will try to put a serious effort in caring more about others, because I think it’s the first step in helping others.