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It’s more than ten years that I create my music compilations. First just on my computer, but now on Spotify. This way I can share them immediately with the world. And I will.

Here’s the first one of the new era. It’s officially called “Geronimo” and “The Doot” is the creative soul/trademark appended to them.

Geronimo has an electro-pop-rock sound. A bit indie, a bit electro-pop, but with still a rock soul. Generally moody like the grey days of February, but with spikes of energy for the upcoming (maybe if still soon) spring.

Why am I doing this? I found myself stuck on 70s rock. It was hard to find contemporary music that I likes as much. Well now I’m trying again. And I want that other people discover these great songs too. My goal is to create an emotion with each song.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.